How do you deal with stress at work?

According to a Gallup study, more than half of all Americans feel stressed at work or suffer from work-related stress. The age group 30 – 49 is the most stressed out and women are more stressed out than men. Stress in the workplace stats published by Wrike indicates that 54% of workers say workplace stress impacts their home life in a negative way. Work-related stress not only influences our careers and how we feel and perform on the job; it affects our whole life.

How can you try to reduce stress at work? Let’s take a look at some tips that might be of help for you:

1.Know when to say NO

It helps to think about this before you get an urgent question from a coworker. For many of us, saying the two letter word is difficult. It helps to explain your reasoning and it helps the other person see things from your point of view and respond more rationally rather than reactively.


This one sounds quite simple but try to be conscious about your priorities: you can’t do everything. It is a good idea to create a list of urgent tasks, and things that can wait. This will help you get an overview of the situation. The list can be your game plan and creates structure instead of a feeling of chaos.

3.Take time to recharge

It doesn’t seem to be very productive at first sight but it will most likely benefit your work: take breaks and make sure you plan in time to be away from work. Right now with many of us working from home due to Covid, there is no physical separation between home and work. All the more important to create a routine in which you plan you time off. Take breaks, go for walks, do some exercise, turn off your phone and turn off your computer / laptop at the end of your workday.


Your night has a big impact on your day. Make sure you get enough rest so that you function optimally during the day. A lack of sleep translates into less focus and concentration at work which can cause stress. A well rested you is a more productive you at work!