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Nighttime allergy relief so you can have a
good night’s rest.

In a great tasting base of


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Why Sambrosa?

It is difficult to find effective nighttime allergy products made with quality ingredients. Rest soundly with Sambrosa Sweet Dreams, a unique allergy relief night syrup that combines effectiveness of the antihistamine doxylamine succinate with a great tasting natural base. It is time to get rid of nighttime allergies and wake up refreshed and ready to take on your day.

Our Unique Formula

  • Small dose of doxylamine
  • Great tasting base of 7 organic hand grown herbs and real honey

For Nighttime Relief

  • Relieve your allergy symptoms with our OTC allergy relief syrup
  • Get back to your natural rest

For well rested days

  • Get more out of your days
  • Feel your best

The best Sambrosa
deal you can get!

Night Syrup
$299.98 $240
Average of 400 doses / $0.60 per night
  • Carefully sourced ingredients.
  • 7 great tasting organic herbs.
  • Nutrient Rich Honey.
  • Antihistamine Doxylamine.
  • No dyes, no synthetic colors or flavors.

How it all started

30 years ago in a small town in the Netherlands, a doctor created a formula for nighttime allergy relief and called it Sambrosa. Within a few years Sambrosa started appearing on night stands all over the country and it wasn’t before long that the doctor received orders from people across the world. She never spent a dollar on marketing. An entrepreneur from Canada discovered Sambrosa for his son. He loved it so much that he purchased the company.

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