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Read more about our incredible journey from a small town in the Netherlands to the United States of America.

Sweet Dreams!

Our Story

Years ago in a little village in the Netherlands, a  doctor felt for her patients who were struggling to get a good night sleep due to allergies.

She wanted to help and began the journey that is Sambrosa. She set about making a product that works to help people sleep through allergy relief, adding 7 different great tasting organic herbs in a base of honey. When she did, Sambrosa went from a dream to a reality.

Before long Sambrosa was a fixture on night stands all over the country, and soon all over the world.

Nighttime allergy medicine

In the years since, Sambrosa has taken on many fans. This includes one Canadian family who was so satisfied with the product’s ability to help their teenager relieve allergy symptoms for a good night’s rest that they purchased the company.

They expanded the company beyond the Netherlands to provide help for others in need. In this process, family has remained a core value: the doctor’s daughter Suzanne is Sambrosa’s number one ambassador in the USA and the owners son Jeff is our main sales guy in the USA and Canada.  

The Sambrosa dream remains alive and well. Sambrosa works as well now as it did at the beginning. Our number one commitment is, and always will be, a product that helps you balance your life and wake up to a sunnier day.

When we say Sambrosa makes dreams come true, we really mean it!

Passionflower For Sleep

An Allergy Relief Syrup Built on a Passion for Health and Quality

We are very passionate about Sambrosa Sweet Dreams Night Syrup, from the ingredients we source to delivering you a product that brings balance, rest and energy to your life. As an antihistamine syrup, Sambrosa will help relieve the symptoms of allergies so you can have a good night’s rest.  We, our children, family members and friends use Sambrosa: we know the product by heart and love it!


in Lab

For Purity

No dyes,
synthetic colors

or Flavors

No High

Corn Syrup

Meet the Sambrosa Team

With our HQ in the Netherlands, our owner in Canada, and the US office in Beverly Hills, this is our core team. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or remarks. We love hearing from our customers.

Cough syrup
Jeff van Hierden


Antihistamine syrup
Suzanne van der Kuil Kabbara


Allergy relief syrup
John de Wit


Craig Rumer

Strategy & Finance

Our Partners

In business, finding the right partners is a key element for success. We take great pride in the long term partnerships we have formed over the years.

Passionflower For Sleep


Sambrosa Sweet Dreams Night Syrup is produced by a specialized, pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company in the Netherlands. The manufacturer is regulated by and registered with the FDA and has cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. This ensures the highest possible standard in quality.

Biosfeer herbs

We have worked with the Biosfeer team since the beginning of Sambrosa. Biosfeer offers the highest quality organic herbs. An external lab tested herbs from many different suppliers for us and Biosfeer came out as no. 1.  The herbs are grown in the Netherlands and on a beautiful farm in Tasmania.

Antihistamine Syrup
Allergy Relief Syrup

Flow Space

As a customer you deserve fast and dependable delivery. We found our fulfillment partner in Flow Space. Flow Space has over 1000 warehouses and fulfillment centers across the USA to get Sambrosa to you as fast as possible.

Sambrosa Sweet Dreams Night Syrup is made from a great tasting base with quality ingredients and the antihistamine doxylamine that helps promote a good night’s rest through nighttime allergy medicine. Our night syrup is made with the highest possible quality standards and manufactured at a cGMP facility.  We’ve taken it upon ourselves to fill the gap in the market for an OTC that offers safe and reliable relief when it’s needed most. For many, Sambrosa Sweet Dreams Night Syrup works similar to a cough syrup, and provides just the right balance needed to get a peaceful sleep through allergy relief.