Reseller Program Terms

Dear Reseller,

Sambrosa is pleased to welcome you as a Reseller of our products. We hope this is the beginning of a long and satisfying relationship between us; one that will be even more satisfying for your customers.

Sambrosa Sweet Dreams is a proven product that helps many people get a great sleep. You, too, can rest easy as we commit to:

  1. Send you products with our commitment to meet every standard we promote and not to ship any product we know to be sub-standard.
  2. Treat people fairly, in a way we want to be treated.
  3. Adhere to our published Terms and Conditions and policies.
  4. Resolve issues promptly and reasonably for both of us.

It is important for us that our Resellers abide by the Standards attached on page 2. Thank you for your commitment to good business practices.

… and onwards we go toward many bright and refreshing mornings for your customers!


Jeffery Van Hierden

Sales Manager

Sambrosa Care

Terms and conditions

I agree to be a Reseller of Sambrosa products and agree to act in accordance with the Sambrosa Reseller Standards attached and the Terms and Conditions that are part of orders placed.

Sambrosa Reseller Standards

  1. Sambrosa products and practices are compliant with Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. Sambrosa takes great care to comply with FDA regulations. Reseller agrees to comply with the same FDA regulations, which include not making claims about the products that are contrary to FDA regulations. Honoring Paragraph 3 and 4 is one way Reseller complies with this paragraph.
  2. Reseller only sells products directly to consumers and not to other resellers. Reseller can take orders through Reseller’s own website but will not sell through other third party websites such as Amazon etc.
  3. Reseller delivers products only to United States destinations. Sambrosa does not offer protected territories within United States. Therefore, Reseller can sell anywhere in the USA.
  4. Reseller only sells products that are in original packaging. Reseller will not change packaging or branding in any way. Examples of changes are:
    1. Adding or removing labels with other information to the bottle or box.
    2. Repackaging product into different bottles or boxes.
  5. Reseller only makes claims about the product that are part of Sambrosa’s published material. Sambrosa published material is available from:
    1. Sambrosa’s website (
    2. Email and other communication material sent directly from Sambrosa to Reseller
  6. Reseller will keep confidential:
    1. Reseller pricing, discounts, commissions and other special pricing arrangements.
    2. Its access to the reseller section of the Sambrosa website, including but not limited to username and password.
  7. Reseller will not violate the laws in effect in Reseller’s jurisdiction.
  8. Reseller is engaged in business as an independent businessperson or company without any relationship to Sambrosa except as a purchaser of goods.
  9. Reseller orders product through the Sambrosa website. Terms and Conditions that form part of that transaction apply and take precedence over these Standards.
  10. Reseller respect Sambrosa’s product retail prices offered on the Sambrosa Website by not advertising or otherwise promoting different prices. Sambrosa understands Reseller may from time-to-time offer in-store discounts.
  11. Sambrosa accepts all orders for Products directly from customers. Reseller acknowledges Sambrosa has no liability to reseller if reseller’s customer orders directly from Sambrosa, except to award reward points and pay commissions on customer purchases when Reseller has registered the customer through the Referral Program.
  12. Sambrosa offers specific programs with promotions, discounts and loyalty benefits to other customer groups. Resellers are only eligible to participate in the benefits of the Sambrosa Reseller Program and cannot double up on program benefits and discounts offered to those groups.
  13. Reseller acknowledges that reseller status is maintained by a minimum of 90 bottles ordered per year by a combination of Reseller and its customers registered through the Reseller Program.
  14. Reseller acknowledges Sambrosa has the right to terminate Reseller’s status and ordering privilege if Reseller’s conduct is contrary to these Standards.
  1. Reseller acknowledges Sambrosa has the right to terminate Reseller’s status and ordering privilege if Reseller’s conduct is contrary to these Standards.