These have been peculiar times for many of us. Never in my lifetime have I experienced a pandemic that interrupted our lives the way Covid did. It has always been important to spend time on your own wellbeing but it seems even more crucial in this moment. There are many great self care tips, but we highlighted our top 5 favorites for you.

1. Start the day right

If you are working from home right now, it seems attractive to stay in bed, snooze and roll from your bed to the computer. We are here to suggest a slightly different routine and even dedicated a blog post to this matter: how to start the day right. Some research into the matter showed us: it matters how you start off since it sets the tone for the rest of your day. Some tips:

  • No more snoozing: set your alarm for the time you need to wake up. This way you get accustomed to the time schedule which will make it easier to get out of bed at the same time each day.
  • Brush your teeth: there is a buildup of bacteria during the night so brush your teeth (and tongue) for a fresh start. Additionally bushing your teeth before breakfast protects your enamel.
  • Stay off your phone for as long as you can. Instead focus on easing yourself into a new day. Do some stretches or meditation.
  • Drink warm lemon water on an empty stomach to kick start your digestive system.

2. Detox from work and technology

Getting things done at work gives a great sense of accomplishment. At the same time, some time away from your work can have energizing and creative effects. When you focus for too long, your mind will be less creative to find solutions or new ideas. So take breaks at work and try to disconnect by going on a (short) walk. During the year plan in time for a vacation or just a few days away.

3. Make some time for a hobby

Doing things that make you happy, can have real health benefits. For one, it is a great stress reliever. If you feel like you are already too busy to make time for a hobby, try a portable hobby. For instance: try to learn your favorite song on the guitar, draw or write, dance or try photography.

4. Get a massage

We will give you some reasons why massages are a great idea: a massage can relief pain, increase blood circulation and lower stress. if your local salon is closed right now due to Covid, ask your partner or try a home device. We bought several on Amazon and were surprised by the quality of the massage.

5. Meditate for five minutes

Meditation was once described to me as one of the greatest secrets of life. Although it seems tricky to plan in the time, the benefits of meditation are quite extensive. Here is a great article on the health benefits of meditation on the 12 science-based benefits of meditation.

If you haven’t been able to integrate meditation into your daily routine yet, just try to commit to 5 minutes per day. A great start and who knows where it might lead to.